Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE

At Middletown Carting in Middletown, NY, we care about the environment and the community we live and work in. That’s why, in addition to our quality services, we also offer recycling services.

Recycling reduces energy usage, air pollution, water pollution, and the consumption of raw materials.

Recyclable materials we collect include paper, plastic, and cardboard. Materials to be recycled can either be brought to our collection center. Make sure all your items are sorted and cleaned so we can properly reprocess them into new materials.

Our recycling services are available to municipalities and industrial, commercial, retail, and individual customers.

Middletown Carting strives to provide honest, fast, friendly, and professional services. Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied customers attest to our superior work, clear communication, honesty, and integrity. We hold ourselves to a high standard, providing only top-notch services to all our customers – something we believe they deserve.

We should all do our part to help protect the environment. Do your part – start recycling!

Contact us today at 845-343-5477 for more information about our recycling services.